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How much do you know about Food Hygiene?

At the Griffith Carevan we understand the importance of Food Hygiene.  Food Hygiene is about keeping yourself, the kitchen and food preparation areas clean and preventing the spread of harmful germs.  One of the best ways to practice Food Hygiene is to wash your hands thoroughly.  Here are some hand washing steps that are important before and after preparing food:

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Along with keeping yourself clean and tidy when preparing food, it is also important to make sure your utensils (knives, forks, spoons etc), kitchen surfaces and pots and plates are clean.  No one wants to get sick, so it is the responsibility of the person who is preparing food to practice good Food Hygiene.

Be safe, use Food Safety...

When working in any kitchen or food preparation area, it is essential that injury or accidents are avoided.  The Griffith Carevan volunteers all know this, and we strive to ensure everyones safety.  But you can do it at home too by following these helpful tips:

It's not hard to be safe in the kitchen, it just takes care and awareness on your part.

Food Allergy Awareness!

Be aware of food allergies you, or others, may have. It's always good to know what the ingredients are in the food you, or others, eat, so to avoid an allergic reaction.  At the Griffith Carevan, we take this very seriously and train our volunteers in Food Allergy Awareness.

Please take the time to learn about Food Allergy Awareness.

Your Nutrition

Eating nutritious food...

Eating healthy and nutritious food is simple, just add variety.  You can easily prepare meals rich in a variety of vegetables, fruit and bread, with a portion of meat every now and then. It's also easy to do on a budget.  Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, try making your meals healthy using the five food groups.

The five food groups




Lean Meats/Eggs/Nuts/Seeds


Information based on www.eatforhealth.gov.au

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Image extracted from www.eatforhealth.gov.au

Try to limit the amount of oils, fats, sugar and alcohol in your diet, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Eating a variety of nutritious food, maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise will not only keep your body healthy, it will also help you live a happier and longer life.

For more information on nutrition visit the eat for health website: www.eatforhealth.gov.au

Check out some simple and healthy meal recipes you can make on a low budget, from the Dietitians Association of Australia.


Coming Together

Coming together for meals...

The Griffith Carevan shares in 'More than a Meal'.  We promote people from all walks of life and ages to come together in a open and safe place to share a meal and conversation.  This can be a time to socialise with others, find out about services and participate in community activities which contribute to positive wellbeing.  

Getting together with family and friends over a meal is a great opportunity to talk about your day, learn from others and have a laugh together.  You can do this at home regularly by learning some simple strategies for making meal times fun and pleasurable.

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Some simple mealtime strategies

Checkout some more helpful tips on bringing your family or friends together over a meal at raisingchildren.net.au and this Nutrition Australia Information Sheet.